Tired of Slow Beard Growth?

Frustrated with a rough dry beard that itches? NuGrowth's All-Natural Ingredients condition your beard promoting faster growth while helping you fill in patchy spots giving your beard a FULLER Healthier look.

Supercharge Your Beard Growth!

NuGrowth soothes irritation and conditions the skin beneath your beard resulting in faster,
thicker beard growth.

Lock In Moisture!

NuGrowth hydrates your beard helping you achieve a softer smoother texture that feels amazing.

Make Styling Easier!

NuGrowth adds hold and volume to your beard making it easier to tame those wild hairs so you look good and feel great!


Not only did my order arrive fast but it actually works! Before my beard was dry and sad no shine no magic just face hair. After a week the breakage went down and the shine and bounce was on point!

- Andrew R.

I have been using Nugrowth for over a month and I can notice the difference. My beard has grown in evenly and stays smooth and soft. The most important thing is the compliments I receive from women. They love it!

- Gary D.

It works! Very easy to apply and smells great! It's only been a few weeks but the growth is happening.

- Joel M.

Got my beard hitting! All praises to the most high!

- Chris N.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get results?

The health and texture of your beard should improve within weeks. Genetics plays a significant role, but if you are able to grow a beard, you should see results within 90 days of daily use. Patience is key!

Is NuGrowth ONLY for men of color?

NuGrowth is formulated for the unique challenges of black men. However, it’s an excellent choice for ALL men who want to naturally soften and style a rough, wiry, curly, course, or grey beard.

What are the best ingredients for African-American beard growth?

NuGrowth™ Beard Oil contains a premium blend of ingredients that combat the beard struggles of African-American men. It features Argan, Jojoba, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Black Castor Oils, which work together to lock in moisture, prevent breakage and combat the irritation caused by ingrown hairs and dry skin.

What is the difference between beard balm and NuGrowth Beard Pomade?

NuGrowth Beard Pomade includes Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, and Beeswax which work together to provide the shape and hold you need to overcome the awkward phases of beard growth. Beard balms are generally thinner and offer less hold.